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The Smiling Face

As usual, in every Wednesday afternoon we go to Watuadeg shelter in Merapi for learning and playing with the children in there.

In the last Wednesday, I and my friend: Tyo, went to Watuadeg shelter with his motorcycle. When we had on Wukirsari region, near to Moro Lejar Restaurant, the back tire of motorcycle was leak. That was so pity. So, we must found the handyman tire patch for repair it.  We walked 1 km with lead the bike approximately for found handyman tire patch. When we arrived in there, we knew have a little wire in the tire that puncture the tire leak.

when we was waiting for repaired the tirethe wire that puncture the tire







When the tire had repaired, we moved on to Watuadeg. We could arrived in there at 5.00 pm. The children had finished read the Al Qur’an and then it was  time to play. We played together in the outer court, smile and happiness…













Can you look the smile buddy…?
The smile that make spirit the other, the smile of the future…
save that smile buddy 🙂

#GKM on Watuadeg Shelter


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